This 2,000-Hp Mustang Is In Serious Need Of Wheelie Bars

Flying Ford Mustang is in serious need of wheelie bars
The Ford Mustang on the right is drag racing with the standard technique. This was at Georgia Motorsports Park with David Measell at the wheel. As he says in the end of the video, "I like my wheelie bars."

The Mustang on the left, driven by David Measell, is using a new "rear bumper only" technique that evidently surprised everyone at the South Georgia Motorsports Park strip – including Measell.

Measell said his outfit just bought the car the week before the event, noting that it has more than 2,000 horsepower. Speaking of his "flying" run, Measell said, "We turned it up to dip on down," by which he meant they turned up the power in order to get his time down. Turns out all that power and all that traction sent the nose straight up into the air almost as soon as the race began.

He told an interviewer afterward that this was his first race in a "regular car" since he normally drives a pro-mod. "I like my wheelie bars," he concluded. You can see how he got there in the video below.

David Measell takes a wild ride in this fox body mustang as it runs about 100 feet down the track on the back bumper almost flying over the wall! This 2000hp + nitrous mustang took flight at south georgia motorsports park during the qualifying for outlaw drag radial taking David for quite the ride!

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