Kevin Schwantz - One title made him a legends

Kevin Schwantz - One title made him a legends
Kevin Schwantz was back in the spotlight lately. because Schwantz became one of the key figures of the approva of MotoGP serieis in Austin, Texas beginning in 2013 until 2023. To know better the GP500 world champion in 1993, a glimpse of the story regarding the maestro.

Kevin Schwantz was born on June 19, 1964 in Houston, Texas. He began his racing career as a trial bike rider, followed his father. From the trial, Schwantz switched to motocross after adolescence. He became a regional MX racer. However, after serious crash in qualifying for the Houston Supercross in 1983, he decided to retire from the world of motocross.

Before competing in the event GP500, Kevin Schwantz had to follow some national racing championship in America. Like the Daytona 200 and the National Superbike Championship. There Schwantz quickly collided with other American riders, Eddie Lawson and Wayne Rainey.
Schwantz's first appearance in the GP500 class occurred in 1986 in the Dutch GP. Two consecutive season he only appeared as a wild card rider. Four seasons series in 1986 and three in the series next season, 1987.

Rider with number 34 were get full contract as the Suzuki rider in 1988. Suprisingly, Schwantz went on to become champion in the series premiered in Suzuka, Japan. In his first full season it, Schwantz won 2 races and is ranked the 8th kelasemen end.

One thing that really stands out from a Kevin Schwantz is he always trying to win even though the motor of his Suzuki RGV500 was less competitive than the Honda and Yamaha. Because of it, Schwantz crashed almost as often as he won the race.

1989 season began with his continuous wins in the opening series in Japan. Kevin ended the season with six victories, more than other riders, but only fourth in the order of acquisition points.

In 1990, Schwantz reduce his DNF but could not prevent the riding Yamaha's compatriot, Wayne Rainey to take his first world title. Statistics show: Rainey DNF only once and won seven times, while Schwantz fell four times and won five times.

Struggle Schwantz won the world title more difficult in winter 1991 after Mick Doohan joined Rainey to compete for champion title. Rainey who competed under of Team Roberts successfully defended his title. While Schwantz who won a five-race losing consistently score points, so had to settle for 3rd position kelasemen end of the season under Doohan won three victories.

Accident re-create Schwantz achievement declined in the 1992 season. He only once won the race and was in position to end below-4 kelasemen Reiney Wayne, Mick Doohan and John Kocinski.

In summer 1993. Schwantz start the Italian Grand Prix, round 12 of 16 series that year. 11 points behind Rainey. Disasters happen to Rainey, he fell from a Yamaha as he tried to pull away from compatriot. As a result of the accident, Rainey suffered paralysis from the chest down. Title of world champion also fell into the hands of Kevin Schwantz.

Kevin Schwantz - One title made him a legends
Bone injury resulted in failure to maintain Schwantz title in 1994 season, but Kevin still won two races. After struggling back to its fit, Schwantz started poor season victory in 1995. Rainey accident has an impact for him that he could not taken lightly, he was losing a motivation and spirit of the competition.

Schwantz finally decided to retire at the age of 30. As a tribute, FIM decided to number 34 into his possession and no one rider who competed in the primary class can wear it.

Although only won one world championship title but unyielding spirit Kevin Schwantz made him always be remembered as a top rider. In total he won 25 times victory, over one victory from Wayne Rainey who had won 3 times world champion.

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