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Every person must have someone by their side that he/she trust. Does MotoGP rider. Some are even always brings trust one by their side around the world in the MotoGP series. MotoGP fans must have been familiar with the couple's Casey Stoner and Adriana Tuchyna, couples friend Valentino Rossi & Alessio 'Uccio' Salucci and lovers Randy De Puniet & Lauren Vickers.

Motogp Rider CompanionCasey Stoner MotoGP Rider Adiana The companion

Casey Stoner & Adriana Tuchyna

Decided to get married in 2007 at the younger. The couples Casey & Adriana Stoner seemed always cool together. The wife was always faithful to her husband to accompany him wherever he goes.

At the start grid, Adriana was always holding umbrella for 2007 MotoGP world champion. When Stoner crashed, Adriana is the most anxiety in the paddock. Conversely, when the Australian rider managed to finish in a podium position became the first person to Stoner in parc fermé intended to land a kiss.

Uniquely, though always join her husband at the same time always be umberella girl, Adriana was never seen wearing the team uniform.

Motogp Rider CompanionRandy De Puniet & Lauren Vickers The MotoGP Rider Assistance

Randy De Puniet & Lauren Vickers

Then there is the most popular girl paddock during the 2010 season must have been Lauren Vickers person. In addition bodied indeed fantastic and flawless in image, a model from Australia was arguably the second paddock woman Adriana Stoner-after-which almost always exist in every MotoGP series. Lauren always accompany her lover, Randy De Puniet.

Not clear where the cause which effect. Whether because of the LCR Honda team umbrella girl Lauren then close and eventually build a relationship with De Puniet? Or vice versa, because going out with the French rider made Playboy magazine cover model was a paddock girl remained LCR Honda team?

What is clear, before Lauren seemed never to be umbrella girl for Scott Honda team. And certainly, in 2011, although moved to Pramac Racing team, Randy will still be accompanied by her beloved.

Motogp Rider CompanionValentino Rossi MotoGP Rider Uccio The companion

Valentino Rossi & Alessio Salucci

Not merely unfaithful spouse must be of the opposite sex. Valentino Rossi proves it. If another rider is always accompanied by her lover or his wife, Rossi is always accompanied by her best friend since childhood, Alessio Salucci.

Except when you're speeding on the track, Alessio more familiar with the name Uccio always look there next to The Doctor. Although not the umbrella boy, Uccio also always looked at the grid start accompany Rossi. If awaited by Adriana Stoner in parc fermé, Uccio Rossi was always waiting there.

Uccio people seemed really important to the Vale. Because of the importance, he also seems to count in any contract involving The Doctor. Evidence in fact, Uccio always wearing the exact same attributes used by Rossi. Like the Monster Energy logo hats for example, none of Rossi's crew who are entitled to use, both at the Yamaha and is now on the Ducati.

In addition to the three riders at the top there's more that often accompanied by another rider closest people (not including crew). Loris Capirossi was also often accompanied by his girlfriend (now wife). After marriage, the Italian rider was accompanied by his wife just looks at race in Italy and San Marino only. Marco Melandri who now move into the Superbike arena also seems always accompanied by her boyfriend.

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